ESER Annual Scientific Meeting 2024
October 14-16

Dear Friends and Colleagues

On behalf of the ESER Scientific Committee we are delighted to welcome you to Valencia for the 2024 Scientific meeting. We are excited that the ESER and the ESNR are collaborating by co-locating their congresses to enable you to seamlessly attend both meetings and build your expertise in neuro and emergency radiology even further.

Two full days of the ESER meeting explore new topics such as the role of AI and large language learning models in Emergency reporting, how to treat special patients including pregnant women and the elderly, understanding how to use dual energy CT in day to day practice and hearing firsthand experience of disaster radiology including in conflict and natural disasters. There will be plenty of opportunity to interact, including dedicated hands-on workshops. With expert faculty from the Americas, Asia, Australasia and Europe, we have built in a meet-and-mentor session for juniors and seniors to exchange ideas and get to know each other. Valencia has a perfect climate and plenty of Autumn sunshine, our social calender will enable you to make the most of this beautiful city.

We look forward to seeing you in Valencia!!

Prof. Cem Calli
Congress President

Dr. Ana Blanco
Prof. Elizabeth Dick
Congress Co-Chairs


Important Information for delegates and exhibitors



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Our official partners are listed on the conference website, thus we ask you to retrieve all information and guidance from there only.

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1. Alert us immediately
2. Do not pay anything
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