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European Radiology
European Radiology is Europe’s best-ranked journal in general radiology. It provides a forum for state-of-the-art research articles from all fields of medical imaging.
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Insights into Imaging
Insights into Imaging is an PubMed indexed open access journal (ISSN 1869-4101).
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British Journal of Radiology

Emergency Radiology themed issue out now!

In this themed issue of BJR, guest edited by Professor Mariano Scaglione, the focus is on the crucial field of emergency imaging, from acute patient scenarios requiring rapid diagnosis to mass casualty incidents, as well as the organisational and technological advances being made in this area.

This is a burgeoning area of clinical interest which has gathered much attention over the last few years, especially in the wake of several high-profile mass casualty incidents and the co-ordinated efforts of the healthcare professionals involved.

From reviews covering the use of advanced imaging techniques in the emergency department, Ultrasound as a triage tool and the use of MDCT for traumatic brain injury, acute non-traumatic abdominal pain, spinal injuries and more, to articles on the use of mobile devices for emergency radiology and radiation protection concerns and awareness in the acute emergency setting, this issue covers a broad spectrum of key topics in this field.

You can read the full issue here, enjoy!